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One of the main keys to having a good website is freshness! When the information and content of your website is updated and changed on a regular basis, it gives the visitors a reason to come back time after time. We want to make your website the best it can be and this is one of the reasons behind MEGGA Blocks.

Purchasing MEGGA Blocks is easy.

What’s A MEGGA Block?

One MEGGA block is an hour of work. A typical hour of work could contain the following:

  • Receiving work and opening site files
  • Backing up files that we will work on
  • Updating and formatting web pages
  • Updating plugins
  • Updating WP template
  • Update text
  • Update images
  • Proofing and spell checking updated work with FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers
  • Uploading updates to the website
  • Checking the updated work on the live site
  • Compiling a report of the work done with URLs so you can see it

1. Website Design and Development Maintenance Services

Websites need to be updated often since they are a means of communication for any sized business. People are using the Internet everywhere – on their televisions and phones, so having your website’s content up to date is, no doubt, something that is very important now.

The way it works is we sell what we call “MEGGA Blocks,” which are blocks of time. Each “MEGGA block” is an hour of time. We do this for a few reasons. First, most work we get is at least an hour of work. Second, if it’s not quite an hour, then our clients tend to save up a few tasks that can all be done within an hour and this saves them time/money with website updates.

2. We Can Get You a Quote

If you are not sure how much time something might take, then we can give you a quote on the work before we begin. We’ll quote it and then ask for your approval (and payment) before we begin on the work.


3. Access to Your Website

What we need is the following:

  • FTP server name
  • FTP username
  • FTP password
  • Hosting Control Panel login (optional) – where your hosting is there should be a control panel where you can login and make adjustments.
  • Control Panel username (optional)
  • Control Panel password (optional)

The optional items above are probably optional – we might actually need this info but let’s first start with the FTP info.

4. Pricing / Costs

The cost for this work depends on how many MEGGA blocks you purchase / pre-pay. The more MEGGA blocks you buy at a time, the bigger discount you get. You can choose your plan here below:





 1 MEGGA block is 1 hour of work.



10 MEGGA blocks is 10 hours of work.

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